Huawei P10Plus : Some of the features of this amazing device


Huawei P10Plus : Some of the features of this amazing smartphone

Let’s have a deep look on what does P10Plus look and feel.

  1. P10 Plus is an awesome smartphone with a luring design. The Huawei has efforts poured in from the Porsche design and PANTONE color institute on the new P10.
  2. Moreover, there are many color options and textures available to satisfy wide range of customers. However, the opinions are still split between the various colors such as Hyper Diamond Cut and Dazzling Blue.
  3. Also, the 5.5 inch smartphone is  preferred over its smaller variant of 5.1 inches. But a QHD resolution is a big bet because it will make device less power efficient.
  4. However custom ROM’s are there to run on Android Nougat 7.0. There are profiles, private spaces and App Twins which enhances it to multi-user level.
  5. The fingerprint reader is embedded underneath the Gorilla Glass 5. Also, the reader is blazing fast and can be used to navigate back or to bring recent app switcher. There are contextual menus, floating dock, motion gestures and single handed UI also available.
  6.  P10 Plus’ has a dual camera which will denitely make an impression in the market. There is a 12MP color and 20MP monochrome setup.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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